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Why We Built Rocketplace 🚀

Rocketplace is the site I wish I had when I was founding my first company.

Because for all the years I’d spent in business school, or working in VC, and for all the other entrepreneurs I knew, when I needed to buy my company’s “dot com” I couldn’t find a domain name expert to save my life. 

I experienced this problem over and over again whether I was hiring a lawyer. An accountant. A dev shop. A PR agency. 

And it never went away. 

My business, like all of theirs, was built on other businesses.”

Louis Beryl, Rocketplace CEO

Somehow the expertise my companies needed the most were always the hardest to find! And it wasn’t just me. As I shared my stories — the money I’d sunk, the time I’d wasted  — I realized how many of my friends and peers were in the exact same situation.

My problem wasn’t unique. But it was still a problem, and a big one. Here’s why.

My business, like all of theirs, was built on other businesses. Everyone needs help and outside expertise and they want it to be world-class. These are big important things, like launching your company or applying for R&D tax credits or hiring your next executive, and all I had was word of mouth recommendations and asking my network. There simply was no better way.  

So a decade later I founded Rocketplace

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Welcome to Rocketplace

So what did we make? Rocketplace is a curated marketplace of world-class professional service providers. We help showcase firms in areas like software development, public relations, accounting & finance, recruiting, branding & design, and many more, to the world of businesses who need their services and don’t know where to look.

Before, when looking for a talented service provider, you might ask a small network of trusted friends, family, and investors for their recommendations. But personal networks are generally too small and recommendations are unnecessarily local. 

But now more than ever businesses are struggling to connect with each other.”

-Louis Beryl, Rocketplace CEO

In some ways it feels like a strange moment to be launching Rocketplace. But now more than ever businesses are struggling to connect with each other, and because the way we live and work has changed so much, geography is no longer much of a barrier.  

Unlike many marketplaces, Rocketplace is location agnostic. Great companies can find the perfect service provider without having to find all their clients in a small handful of cities or specific regions. And truly excellent firms can find work, no matter where their clients are located, based on the quality of their craftsmanship.

And they can do that today! Because after months of hard work, Rocketplace is finally live.  

I feel humbled and excited, and I know that this is only the beginning. We’ve put together an amazing team with the drive to make Rocketplace the best it can be — and we’re only getting started.

🚀 🚀 Louis, Rocketplace Founder & CEO