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Getting Started on Your Rocketplace Profile

Building a great Rocketplace profile isn’t rocket science. We make it easy to showcase your business, highlighting the aspects of your team and work that matter most to future clients. 

Here’s how to get started. 

Tip 1: Focus on your expertise

When you’re signing up, we ask you to select your services from popular categories, ranking them in order of what you do most. This helps you carve out an area of expertise, and it helps us to match you with clients looking for those services. Don’t see what you do listed as a service? We’re all ears. 

Once you’re past the onboarding flow, we give you the flexibility to customize your profile, including adding services that aren’t part of our predefined list and saying more about your business in the ‘About Us’ section. 

🚀 BIZ BOOSTER: Help clients understand what you do by listing your primary service first. 
Team Culture Pics on RP

Tip 2: Include at least one Culture Image

We ask all service providers to share at least one image, and the more the merrier! These photos should give future clients a sense of your business’s culture, values and work — all of which are harder to see but more important than ever as our lives and workspaces move increasingly online. 

Take time choosing your photos. High quality images show clients that you pay attention to every detail, both in the way you work and the work you produce.

🚀 BIZ BOOSTER: Not loving your company’s logo? Rocketplace has some great logo designers.

Tip 3: Showcase your work

Trust is everything. That’s why Rocketplace vets every service provider as part of the sign up process. Once you’re onboarded, we give you a few other ways to showcase your business’s stellar reputation. 

Work Samples. Show off your portfolio with short photo slides and captions in our ‘What We Do’ section. This is especially important if your firm works in a primarily visual space, ie. design, marketing and branding. Here’s a great example of what the slider looks like and why it works. This feature is still being built, so if you need help editing or want to know more let us know. 

Representative Clients. Sharing the names of former or current clients helps build trust. We recommend adding at least five. 

Endorsements. One of the most powerful ways for future clients to understand what it’s like to work with you is to hear directly from people you’ve worked with in the past. We make the process easy and quick. To get started just send them this link.   

Tip 4: Introduce clients to your team

Whether in an office or over Zoom, clients appreciate knowing who they’ll be working with in advance. By including your team members on your profile, you’re getting that process started right away.

🚀 BIZ BOOSTER: Connect your team members’ profiles to LinkedIn so clients can get to know your people. Even better if your headshots are stylistically in sync, as on this accounting & finance firm’s profile

Tip 5: Add FAQ’s that matter

Do people actually read the FAQ section?

The answer is: yes! FAQ’s are a great tool for providing context on your work process, payment structure and any other questions that tend to come up in the early stages of a project. If done right, your FAQ’s might just be the thing that separates you from your competitors — the extra bit of information that secures you the intro. 

(Also: if you already have an FAQ section on your website, it could be as simple as copy and paste.) 

🚀 BIZ BOOSTER: Have a colleague review and copy edit your profile before going live. Grammar issues can turn future clients away, and a second pair of eyes makes all the difference.  

What are you waiting for? Update your Rocketplace profile today. Not on Rocketplace? Here’s how to get set up as a service provider.

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