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Meet the Hidden Heroes of Startupland🎙

Meet the Hidden Heroes of Startupland🎙

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Talking to the service providers on Rocketplace is the best part of my job. Their stories are incredible. Their tips are invaluable. Their jokes are…well, honestly the jokes are terrible, but you didn’t come for the comedy. 

So after months of talking with them and thinking “wow, someone should really be recording this” I did just that.

And now we have a podcast!

It’s a short thirty(ish)-minute series that explores sometimes obscure Rocketplace service areas like SEO or global recruiting through interviews with some of Rocketplace’s best providers.

We’ll also get to know these often hidden entrepreneurs, the ones behind so many great startups. What did they build and how did they do it? What were the hard parts and where do they see their industry heading next? (Plus much, much more.)

We’re calling it The Startup Stack, and it’s hosted by me, Louis Beryl. 

If you want to know how to secure a domain name, or when to hire a CFO, or what executives are talking to their coaches about mid-COVID-19 — we have the answers!

You’ll also hear a lot of great stories — and many (many) awful jokes. 

The show launches [INSERT DATE] and we have new episodes weekly.

So give it a listen! And if you like it, subscribe. 

Talk to you soon. 

🚀 Louis, Rocketplace Founder & CEO

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