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Goodbye 2020, Greetings 2021: A Note from Rocketplace’s CEO

We all know what kind of year it’s been. 

Long. Paranoid. Unprecedented. Unfair. Hopeless. Claustrophobic. Many more equally awful things… 

It’s also been a year of many changes. Zoom became a household verb. Office workers like me became telecommuters and kitchen counters became our workstations.

2020 was the year the world really did move online.

And it’s the year we launched Rocketplace. My co-founder Ben and I built this company because we thought that geography shouldn’t be a boundary to finding the right partners to grow your business. 2020 has proved that in ways we couldn’t have imagined. 

This year we’ve helped great businesses find each other across the United States and beyond — in California and Massachusetts, Austin, Canada and Poland. And we’re only getting started, 2021 is where the real work begins. 

So here’s to the businesses we’ll grow together. Until then, from all of us here at team Rocketplace, happy holidays! ❄️

Wishing you a safe, joyous & boundless new year. 


🚀 Louis Beryl

Rocketplace CEO 

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